Leather Sofas Like Restoration Hardware

Leather Sofas Like Restoration Hardware

Leather Sofas Like Restoration Hardware. It’s the sofa. It’s from Rip-off Hardware. Oops sorry. I mean Restoration Hardware. And since they pretty much stopped selling HARDWARE, they’ve …. People like me. (well, not me. I don’t shop there). Only now, Restoration Hardware is giving the designer discount to EVERYONE! And that just plain sucks.Leather Sofas Like Restoration Hardware

RH’s Sorensen Leather Sofa:Danish mid-century modern designers like Ole Wanscher often found their muse in the classical forms of Egypt, Greece and China. We’ve given his work new expression in our spare and elegant sofa, which has the slightly flared arms and self-possessed style of its forebears.

i am seriously planning to order a Restoration Hardware Belgian slope arm leather sectional & sofa but would like opinions on quality. i getting the luxe depth & down filling. i found out they are made in china or vietnam & have read several negative reviews Leather Sofas Like Restoration Hardware

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